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Now Accepting Residents. Ask About Our Move-in Bonus!

Meal & Therapeutic Diets

No, residents do not eat the same thing everyday. Yes, residents do get to share their input as far as the menu goes. Our food menu is designed by a registered dietitian. Therapeutic diets are typically ordered by a resident's doctor. We take these diets seriously and follow them.
Visitors are welcome to join for meals for just an additional $10 per serving.
Download a sample menu here
Activities & Group Outings

Activities & Group Outings

It's not just BINGO.  The Best ALF offers a varitey of activies to keep your loved ones entertained and moving as much as possible. Weather permitting we'll head out to Pine Island Beach as much as possible. Family members are welcomed to join.
Download a sample activity schedule here
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Limited Nursing Services

The Best ALF offers limited nursing services to residents with nursing orders. Our nurses provide a varierty of care and will be there for you when your loved one needs them.
Luxury Included Services

Luxury Included Services

Many faclities charge extra for things like medical escorts, trasnportation to medical appointments, massage therapy appointments, cosmetic appointments as well as shopping outings. The Best ALF will include 1 of the above services every month included in your monthly fee.
Additional Services

Additional Services

After exhausting the luxury included services mentioned above, residents will pay a small fee for extras if they request more services. The Best ALF strives to perfect dignity and we do not charge extra for things like cleaning accidents.
Download a sample activity schedule here

"I created The Best ALF, LLC in loving memory of my grandparents."

Owner: Leanne Ferguson

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